Tom Walker

Writer, designer, photographer—creative type spending my time island-hopping between NYC and Hawaii. Co-Founder of Also owner of Ohana Nui ( and ohananuilife on Instagram.

Tom Walker's Stories

Gay Pride 1994

NYC GAY PRIDE, 1994 —That’s me on Fifth Avenue in the almost-Daisy-Dukes, tubes socks and boots (with Little Tom who now lives in Maui). Meanwhile in Central Park, parachute pants and tight abs was the fashion of the day. I missed the memo, or should I say I got the wrong memo. #GayPride

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Remembering Luis

Luis Eduardo Quiros (1948-1986) was invited to a weekend at the Tuna Walk house of Jacques Haran, the Chairman of my employer Revillon Furs, in Fire Island Pines where I was on my virgin visit, over July 4th 1980. We fell in immediate lust, a more exotic man I’d never met. Not just an acclaimed […]

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