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Sailing the Mediterranean

STORIES: May 1994, the ex, my BFF Doug, and myself jetted off on a 2-week adventure in Turkey. We began in the port of Marmaris, where we boarded our chartered gulet, with a 2 man crew, for 7 days of sailing pristine blue waters, east to the Lycian tombs of Fethiye, west to Rhodes, stopping along the way at deserted islands, viewing ancient ruins, eating like princes and swimming the chilly Mediterranean.

We forged on to Kusadasi for a visit to the stunning ruins at Ephesus, then capped off the trip with 5 days in crazy, chaotic Istanbul. “No aphrodisiac for you!,” barked the vendor in the spice bazaar to blonde-tanned Brian. It was an unforgettable vacation, that sadly I’ve no photographic evidence of, as the beautiful album of pictures I made got left behind, in an idiotic act of kindness, during the great breakup of 2000.

– Brian Kent Mills


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