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Andy Tobias: Noted LGBTQ author and former Democratic Party Treasurer

Andy (right) and me at NYC's LGBTQ film festival in October 2021

PODCAST-- EPISODE 24: Andy Tobias' journey from being the "Best Little Boy in the World" (the title of the best-selling coming out memoir he authored under a pseudonym while still in grad school in 1972) to serving as the first openly-gay Treasurer of the Democratic Party from 1999-2016 is a fascinating one. Growing up in a suburban Jewish household where he was taught that helping others was imperative, Andy has dedicated his life to political and charitable causes. He and Mike Balaban have known each other for more than 40 years. In this interview, they discuss their lives and shared values while pursuing paths of political and social activism.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.


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