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Dave Kopay: First NFL Player to Come Out of the Closet

PODCAST—EPISODE 16: Mike talks with old friend, Dave Kopay, who in 1975, was the first prominent athlete to come out and the first male athlete in a major professional league to do so, when he publicly disclosed he was gay. A hero to many LGBTQers for his courage, he paid a permanent price in being shut out of coaching jobs in colleges and at the pro level.).

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Michael Simonds
Michael Simonds
17 apr 2021

I am also an Alumni of The University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking, and a minor in Theater Arts. I do Male Nudes. My style is realistic. I like doing Nude Men, because I am a GUY. I would have loves to have Dave pose Nude for our 3 hour Studio Nude Life Drawing and Painting Classes. Then I would have love to have hot ManSewx with him, what a STUD!!

Mi piace

12 apr 2021

Todavía se siguen leyendo historias como esta, sea famoso o no. Falta mucha compresión y abandonar los prejuicios.

Mi piace
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