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First Times

STORY: I began having sex on a regular basis when I was really young. In fact, the first time it happened, I was only eleven.

The school year was about to end. One early summer evening, my brothers and I were playing mumble-peg in our front yard with our friend Richard, who was three years older than me. It was getting late. Somehow, we decided that Richard would spend the night at our place. That wasn’t really a big deal. It happened all the time.

Richard ended up bunking in my room with me, where there were two single beds. The next morning, he asked, “Do you want a back rub?” “Sure!” I responded.

He quickly jumped over to my bed. I was on my stomach, wearing briefs. Richard started rubbing my back, then my legs, and, soon enough, between my legs. I don’t remember making it too difficult for him. He may have encouraged me to spread my legs, but he didn’t have to press too hard for me to acquiesce. Before long, I had a huge erection (well, as huge an erection as an eleven-year-old can get), forcing my dickhead to pop out of the waistband of my tighty-whities.

Then it happened. There was a huge explosion. My first orgasm ever! Wet and confused, I jumped up, a bit embarrassed, and dashed out of my room and across the hall into the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and remember thinking that I’d never been happier or more excited. I also knew, because of this discovery, that my life was not going to be as “straight”-forward as I’d expected.

A couple of days later, I approached my best friend, Bill, the same age as me and in the same grade in school, and told him what had happened between Richard and me. I described it fully and suggested he and I should give it a try. He agreed right away.

That began a six-year-long affair between two young “virgins,” best friends since the third grade. We’d been spending nights together at each other’s houses for years, so no one really thought anything of it. Most of those evenings we spent at Bill’s home. Luckily, we were never caught, even though his bedroom was adjacent to his sister’s and not far from his parents’ room. I think on average we spent at least two or three nights a week together. Needless to say, we got better, much better, at oral sex.

All of this ended rather abruptly towards the end of our senior year in high school. One day, Bill informed me with no fanfare that it would be our last time. And, it was.


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