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Keeping Our Story Alive

COMMENTARY: A couple of years ago, I was interviewed by Steve Rodrigues, host of “Talk About Gay Sex” (or TAGS), a weekly podcast thatepisode had 30,000 downloads per month at the time (and presumably has more now).

The episode was 48 minutes long and discusses Capturing Rainbows (the former name of BAMMER), my gay history-focused Instagram Page (@bammer47), what it was like to come out and be LGBTQ 40+ years ago, and how vastly our lives have changed in the interim.

The podcast episode can be heard for free on most podcast hosting platforms or by going to the following link:

At the time, I hadn't yet settled on the idea (initially prompted by Caleb Holland) of hosting my own podcast, but the experience with Steve gave me confidence that I could handle the moderating role in such an arrangement.

Have a listen and let us know what you think of it. It sums up pretty effectively the philosophy and approach that Tom Walker and I still embrace today and which infuses this page, @bammer47, and "BAMMER and Me", our podcast series. —Mike


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