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Group Travel, Rio–1990’s style

STORY: 1989 to mid-1990s– My husband, Ron Oyer, had a travel business in the 1990s that catered to gay men, geographically mostly from California and New York, though also from many other states. Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Mykonos (Greece), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), were the most popular destinations. The groups featured handsome men looking for excitement and fun. As you can see from the following pictures taken during 12 different trips to Rio for Carnival, they found what they were looking for in that fascinatingly “alive” city populated by some of the handsomest men in the world.

Ron hosted exciting parties on land and sea as part of his expeditions. He produced was the first gay White Party in Rio in 1998. New Years in Copacabana featured outrageously good-looking men attending the most spectacular celebration of its kind and it extremely gay!

Do you know recognize any of the studs in these photos?


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