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Pool and Garden Time

(August 1993)–After a long, hot day on Fowler Beach in South Hampton, my guests and I returned to our backyard pool for a dip and some horseplay in the water.

Gustavo Otto and Bryan Hogan were a handsome, well-built Manhattan couple. Gustavo, a graceful Chilean, graciously posed nude for my camera in our lush garden, while I captured him in various positions.

Gustavo served almost as a muse for me on several occasions in the early 1990s. We reconnected 24 years later in Palm Springs where he now lives with his husband, Dave Brastauskas, and their two Great Danes, Valentino and Charlie (female).

There, we re-enacted, as best we could, several shots from the earlier setting. The difference between a 28 y.o. and a 52 y.o. is substantial, but, Gustavo has held up very well over time, despite having had 3 joints replaced surgically.

—Mike Balaban


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